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About us

Horizont Brewing is an innovative, indepentent craft brewery, one of the first big names in the craft brewing scene in Hungary. With many medals earned, we are proud to announce that Horizont Brewing was the first mid-European brewery to win the Alltech Craft Beer Cup in 2017 in Dublin. The Sailor Belle, a Belgian Witbier fermented with Saison yeast, is still one of our bestsellers. 

What we like is the versatility of our consumers. Our beers are gladly consumed by beer connoisseurs and everyday beer drinkers, and we created our beer portfolio to fulfill everyone's beer needs. Our beers are available in all Michelin star restaurants in Hungary and can be found in most of the craft beer bars around Budapest. 

We believe brewing is an art form. 

We try expressing that through our labels as well not only by whats inside on the bottles. For that reason we worked with a local artist who created artworks we used on our labels, specifically capturing the essence of the character of the beer on the canvas. 

How do we do it?

In 2016 we selected an abandoned factory building for the location of our brewery which had a long tradition of Hungarian beer brewing back in the 30s. Since our brewery opened, this area became a hot-spot for Hungarian craft beer innovation with several other breweries opening up around us. Our complete brewing system is Hungarian made, from the kettles to fermenters. This enabled us to be able to tailor the system to our specific needs. With our Reverse-Osmosis system we can create water profiles for any beer styles, and our automated bottling line ensures long shelf life and very low oxygen pickup.

Together we can!

We are constantly looking for international collaborations. These opportunities give us a chance to learn from each other and further improve our recipes and production. We have had the honor to work with breweries like Frontaal from The Netherlands, Totenhopfen from Luxembourg, and Strassenbrau from Germany.

Our beers are already exported to France, the Netherlands, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Scandinavian countries, Germany, the UK, and beyond. We also take part in international beer festivals, sharing our beers and ideas, while looking for new flavors and inspiration. WE BELIEVE THERE IS ALWAYS A BETTER BEER FOR US TO MAKE.