Best of Horizont / 24pack

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2 x 0.33l Easy A - APA (easy hoppy aromas with fresh citrusy flavors)
2 x 0.33l Hazy Queen - New England IPA (double dry hopped juicy, hazy, fruity beauty)
2 x 0.33l Gentle Bastard – IPA (delightfully two-faced: bitter but full with tropical citrus flavors)
2 x 0.33l Double Gentle Bastard – DIPA (extreme and balanced: more hops, more malts, intense citrusy bitterness)
2 x 0.33l Sailor Belle - witbier (refreshing wheat beer with citrus zest and coriander)
2 x 0.33l Morning Joe - breakfast stou(beer for breakfast? brewed with cocoa nibs and Ethiopian coffee)
2 x 0.33l Herr Lager - dry hoppedlager (no trick! only  a little twist at the end: dry hopping)
2 x 0.33l Schoko-Bananen Stout (Axiom kollab) - pastry stout (uniqe collab with our czech friends)
2 x 0.33l Berliner Weisse Sour with Guava and Passionfruit (refreshing and tart fruit bomb)
2 x 0.33l Imperial Sour IPA with Passionfruit (strong, but drinkable with a lots of fruit)
2 x 0.33l Playground - Grapefruit West-Coast IPA (old school west coast IPA with a hint of grapefruit in the background)
2 x 0.33l Playground - New Zealand KVEIK Hazy IPA 
(real speciality where tropical flavors meet norwegian tradition)

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