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Best of Horizont 48 / Exclusive box selection

174.83 €
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8 x 0.33l Easy A - APA (easy hoppy aromas with fresh citrusy flavors) alc. 4.5%
4 x 0.33l Hazy Queen - New England IPA (double dry hopped juicy, hazy, fruity beauty) alc. 6%
4 x 0.33l Gentle Bastard – IPA (delightfully two-faced: bitter but full with tropical citrus flavors) alc. 6.5%
4 x 0.33l Rebel Berry - sour (raspberry bomb! fruity and tart) alc. 4.5%
4 x 0.33l Morning Joe - breakfast stout (creamy stout with freshly roasted coffee and cocoa) alc. 6%
4 x 0.33l Sour Series - Guava-Lychee Sour Ale - NEW! alc. 4,2%
4 x 0.33l Selfish Games Helles - lager - NEW! (4 months lagered with new wave German hop) alc. 4.7% 
4 x 0.33l Selfish Session IPA  - NEW!  alc. 4.6%
4 x 0.33l Sour Citra IPA  - NEW! (exciting sour with citra hops) alc. 6,5%

4 x 0.33l Ice Tea Sour Ale NEW! (Sour ale with earl grey tea) alc. 4.2 %

4 x 0.33l Selfish Games Hazy IPA NEW! alc. 5.5 %

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