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    Ever felt helpless when trying to choose from 45 different new beers at the hipest beerbar? Worry not, we are here to help. We believe, that HORIZONT is always a sure choice, and if you want to go on an adventure, we can take you there! We are showcasing the best beerstyles, the freshest trends and will show You are take on our favorite beers. Search for the new ones, ‘cause we believe, there is always a better beer!

  • Our range of craft beers

    We constantly extend our range with seasonal beers and unique specialties. Follow our Facebook page for the latest news.

    Sailor Belle - Saison Witbier

    ABV 6%, 14° B, 7 EBC, 10 IBU

    Our Saison Witbier combines two styles that are both known as refreshing summer beers. The Witbier style originates in Belgium and typically provides a crisp, spicy, tingly, citrusy sip due to the addition of the coriander and citrus fruit zest. Instead of yeast strains that are normally used in Witbiers, we decided to use a special Belgian Saison yeast, which adds an extra layer of slightly tart, herbal and sophisticated fermentation notes.


    Overall winner of the Dublin Craft Beer Cup 2017

    Herr Lager - Dry Hopped Lager

    ABV 4.5%, 11° B, 6 EBC, 25 IBU

    In contrast to ales, lagers are bottom-fermented, and are popular for being straightforward and familiar in taste. Dry hopping keeps all these benefits while adding an extra source of fun: aromatic hoppiness. In case of the Horizont Dry-Hopped Lager, American Chinook hops are used in addition to the European variety Styrian Golding that is often found in Pilsner-style beers. This recipe delivers a thoroughly refreshing experience - a true session beer.


    Bronze medal at the Alltech Craft Brews & Food Fair 2019

    Easy A - American Pale Ale

    ABV 4.5%, 11° B, 6 EBC, 30 IBU

    This ale is like a Bauhaus chair: superbly streamlined and endlessly elegant. Our APA is an easy-drinking beer that serves as a lighter choice for those who enjoy hoppy aromas, but don’t want to stick with sometimes overwhelming IPAs every time. Being a single hop ale, Horizont American Pale Ale is only brewed with Citra, a sought-after American hop variety that provides a powerful scent of lemongrass and lime, and also a palate-teasing, refreshing citrusy flavor.


    Bronze medal at the Alltech Craft Brews & Food Fair 2017

    Hazy Queen - New England IPA

    ABV 6.0%, 14,8° B, 25 EBC, 45 IBU

    Hazy, juicy and silky IPA


    The New England IPA is the US East Cost's answer to the extremly hoppy West Coast IPA-s. The focus here is also on the hops and mouthfeel, but the late addition of the beers spice and the meticulous attention to the water profile, these IPA-s tend to be silky on the mouthfeel, sometimes little sweetish and the fruity aromas of the hops shine through. We added a good amount of Galaxy, Citra and Mosaic hops, mostly through a double dry hopping process, and the outcome is an extremly drinkable, refresing and aromatic IPA. Always drink fresh!


    World Beer Awards 2019: Hungary Winner // Specialty IPA

    Gentle Bastard - IPA

    ABV 6,5%, 17° B, 16 EBC, 63 IBU

    Our second IPA - without doubt the hoppier one. Yet it isn’t just about rough bitterness: the 63 IBU worth of Amarillo, Columbus, Simcoe and Mosaic are counterbalanced by a round, biscuity, nutty maltiness – provided by the famous English malt variety, Maris Otter, among other malts used. All those ingredients add up to a delightfully two-sided beer that is rough and elegant at the very same time - a Gentle Bastard.


    Silver medal at the Alltech Craft Brews & Food Fair 2017

    World Beer Awards 2018: Hungary Winner

    Double Gentle Bastard - Double IPA

    ABV 8.0%, 20.5°B, 14 EBC, 100 IBU

    The sweetish mouthfeel of our strongest India Pale Ale balances the overwhelming amount of hops we put into this beer. Amarillo, Centennial and Kohatu hops create stunning aromas of tropical fruits with a hint of melon. Dry hopping helps to showcase the real face of these hop varieties. Wheat malt and flaked wheat bring some texture and haze into the equation. The result is one of our new flagship beers - one we are truly proud of.

    Rebel Berry - fruity sour

    ABV 4,5%, 12° B, 35 EBC, 20 IBU

    Raspberry bomb! Refreshing tartness and fruitiness in a bottle. Obviously there is no summer without a fruit beer and we are not missing it from are core range. We wanted to make a fruity beer which is close to our hearts and principles, so we gave it a crafty twist. The smooth and easy drinking base is a sour to which we added tons of raspberry. The outcome is a creamy, sessionable, ruby red brew with pinkish head. Intense raspberry in the nose, chewy fruitiness on the palate. Fresh raspberry in a beer! This is
    Horizont’s way of making a fruity brew.

    Morning Joe - breakfast stout

    ABV 6%, 16° B, 70 EBC, 35 IBU

    Beer for breakfast? Yes, all day and all night! Morning Joe is our core range dark beer. After a lot of limited and collaboration batches it was time to put all those experiences into a brew available all year round. A breakfast stout is a loose base, you can add all your favorite breakfast ingredients and get away with the name. We made a base oatmeal stout which makes the beer creamy, full bodied and smooth. Then added quality cocoa nibs and Ethiopian coffee roasted by the Hungarian specialty roaster Casino Mocca. The robust, roasted coffee notes are rounded out by the tartness and sweetness of the cocoa. Nice and reviving, just like your cappuccino.

    Pilot Series (seasonal series)

    Special, interesting, extreme

    Pilot Series is our new, ongoing venture into new territories beer. We had a lot of ideas that didn’t fit into our traditional line-up. Rare ingredients, rare technologies, rare flavors. Think chili, think coffee IPAs, think triple amount of hops. Think the unthinkable, and we'll make into a beer. And of course limited amounts!

    Night Shift russian imperial stout (seasonal)

    ABV 9-10%

    The dark classic that was brewed in England and transported to Russia. Our versions go back to the roots: 9 and 10% alcohol and no added flavors. It spent 11 months in the tanks and bottles, the flavours fortified, the alcohol mellowed out. Full bodied, yet easy drinking, chocolaty stout. Real treats!

    Düsseldorf Altbier (seasonal)

    ABV 5.5%, 13,5° B, 28 EBC, 35 IBU

    Altbier is native to the German city of Düsseldorf, and is a member of the peculiar family of so-called hybrid beers. Brewed with top-fermenting yeast (like ales), but fermented at a low temperature (like lagers), it features malty notes with a dry mouthfeel and an articulated presence of noble hops which were used in the brew. Our Horizont Düsseldorf Altbier is an authentic and fun example of this traditional style.

  • Craft beer selection as a present

    Craft beers make for a great gift and will surely put a big smile on the faces of those who receive it.
    Horizont beer selections are now available in two types of decorative packaging. You can choose the content of these gift packages individually and according to your liking.


    We are waiting for your order via e-mail to rendeles@horizontsorok.hu. For individual customers within Hungary we deliver within 1-2 working days (+1800 Ft shipping for the 3 peace). You can also pick up your gift package without additional fee at Horizont Brewing (Budapest X. ker. Maglódi út1 47.). All prices contain VAT.

    3 peace Decorative Cardboard Box

    2900 Ft

    Selection of 3*33cl beers in a modern, practical and robust cardboard box.

  • Beer tastings, brewery visits and dinners

    Combined beer tasting and on-site visits

    Would you like to see how Horizont KRAFT beers and how our philosophy translates into everyday brewing practice? Come visit us with your friends or work colleagues and sample our beers directly at their source!


    If you are interested, write us at rendeles@horizontsorok.hu!

    Beer dinner, customized offers

    We also do tastings, beer&food pairings and other beer-themed events outside of our brewery. If you'd want us to visit your bar or restaurant, or organize a private or company event for you, share your ideas with us via e-mail to rendezveny@horizontsorok.hu and we will send you a price offer. If your event shall take place outside of Hungary, please contact export@horizontsorok.hu.

    Unique label designs

    Unique customers deserve unique solutions. We can offer to create individualized lables for companies and other organizations. We are able to brew unique beers designed for your purpose as well.


    If you are interested, write us at rendeles@horizontsorok.hu!

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